About Me

As a graduate of the Foreign Languages Department of the Transilvania University, I must admit that the use of foreign languages and the intercultural communication process has always been a passion of mine.


Working in various industrial manufacturing facilities, later as an entrepreneur and start-up manager of several companies in Romania, Germany and Hong Kong I have gathered a diverse and deep understanding of technical and economic processes. With an experience of over 15 years in the field of translations and interpreting, I am confident that I can provide high-quality and professional services.




4 year study of German and English language and literature

Specialized courses in translation and interpreting.

1999 - 2003

B.A. | Transilvania University


Sworn Translator and Interpreter

Certificates and Specializations

Sept. 26, 2007

Human Resource Manager

Aug 9, 2009

Sworn Translator

Management Positions



Member of the Board

Asgard Investments Limited




General Manager

Asgard Media Solutions


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