Technical Translations


With areas ranging from processing machines, CNC-machines, robotics and automation to electronics, circuit boards and IT-networks, I have worked in most production environments.

Also, the focus that I had on the car manufacturing industry in the past years, allows me to provide accurate and concise translations in these fields.

Some of the clients

1. Daimler AG

2. Porsche AG.

3. Ford Motor Company.

4. Bosch GmbH.

Simultaneous Interpreting


Conferences are stressful events. Even more so, if the participation is international and the keynotes have to be translated.

This is where a professional interpreter can change the game. Speed, accuracy, clarity are just some of the characteristics of my work.

And the 15 successful years on the market recommend me for the job.


Some of the clients

1. Daimler AG.

2. Porsche AG.

3. Bionorica SE.

4. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Independent Journalism


Working as a freelance journalist, I provide editorials, economic and foreign politics analyses to a wide base of public and private customers.


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